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Tatra T815 AV-15 Recovery Vehicle

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21 500 EUR

One vehicle, orginally owned by the AFCR, is in stock. The body is not fully functional. Must be repaired by the buyer.
AV-15 A crane and recovery vehicle on a Tatra 8-wheeled truck chassis with the option of 8x8. It was designed for recovering equipment that has become stuck or lifting loads up to 15 t. The crew consists of: a commander, a driver. Its main assets are high strength, reliability and very good performance on all kinds of surfaces.

The first development work began in 1972, nevertheless, series production did not begin before 1984 in ZTS n.p. Košice with the crane equipment being made in VSS Košice.
Currently the body is not working, it must be repaired by the buyer.


Parameter name Value
General Information
Max. speed 80 Km / h
Length ( boom placed at the back) 12,3 m
Width 2,57 m
Height 3,24 m
Kerb weight 30 t
Clearance 0,32 m
Vertical obstacle 0,36 m
Trench crossing 1,6 m
Wading depth 1,3 m
Axle wheelbase 1,65 m + 2,97 m + 1,45 m
Track At the front 1,996 m / at the back 1,94 m
Working Device
Crane Load Capacity
With basic boom 3m on supports / with extension 11.4 m Burden weight 15 t / 4 t
Bulldozer device BZ 815
Main winch With vertical rotation axis - on crane rotator bearing
Tractive effort at direct traction 147 kN
Tractive effort over two pulleys 442 kN
Rope working length 150 m
Auxiliary winch
Rope length 320 m
Maximum trailer weight 15 km / 65 km ( terrain / road )
Crew A driver + a commander
Drive Unit
Engine T3-930-50
Drive unit power 265 kW at 2200 rev/min
Maximum torque 1295 Nm at 1400 rpm
Number of cylinders 12
Cylinders volume 19000 cm3
Other parameters Overcharged, ignition, air-cooled V engine
Fuel tank capacity 480 l
Operation range 800 km - 1000 km