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Chassis BMP for sale

Infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1


  • The most common armoured fighting vehicle
  • Excellent performance
  • 73 mm gun
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Armoured personnel carrier (APC) OT-90


  • Infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) redesigned to armoured personnel carriers (APC)
  • Several vehicles available
  • Equipped with a turret identical to the OT-64 SKOT
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Combat reconnaissance vehicle BPzV

BPzV Svatava

  • Modified BMP-1 Chassis
  • Only 200 pcs produced
  • one vehicle in stock
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Communications-command-staff vehicle R-5 Bečva

R-5 Bečva APC

  • !!!SOLD!!!
  • Excellent technical condition
  • Most of the electrical equipment is original
  • one unit in stock
  • Mileage 257km
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Artillery observation DP-90


  • With fixed turret - disarmed weapons systems
  • Designed for artillery firing control
  • welded BMP-1 turret
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Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV)  BMP-VPV


  • Original Czech patent
  • A crane, a blade and a winch
  • Chassis: BMP-1 redesigned to BMP-2
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Technical Support Workshop DTP-90


  • Technical support for the T-72 and T-55
  • Good technical condition
  • Incomplete equipment
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Mine laying  MU-90


  • !!!SOLD!!!
  • Inner area not separated
  • Anti-tank mines surface laying
  • The most spacious carier on a BMP chassis
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