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Tatra T-148 CAPL-15 tanker for propellant

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6 000 EUR

One vehicle, originally owned by the AFCR, is in stock. Good technical condition. In operation until 2006. Made in 1981.
Tatra T-148 CAPL15 (tanker) 6x6 – a rough terrain tanker for pumping, transporting and dispensing measured and filtered fuel for ground vehicles. A tanker version of the Tatra 148 chassis on a T-148 PP4 VN machine supporting frame.
A tanker vehicle – CAPL15 T-148 aircraft feeder – is a vehicle designed for transporting aircraft fuel and filling aircraft with measured and filtered fuels, alternatively for supporting the ground equipment. The tanker is equipped with a pumping, measuring, filtering and outlet unit, driven by the engine of the chassis, and also serves for filling, emptying and filtering its own tank . The vehicle is adapted for operation at ambient temperatures from –30°C up to +50°C. The tank is made of laminated plastic and its lower part is equipped with an auxiliary metal frame.


Parameter name Value
General Information
Length 8,965 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,970 mm
Clearance 290 mm
Kerb weight 13,06 t
Total weight 22,8 t
Maximum trailer weight 16 t
Maximum off-road trailer weight 10t
Maximum speed 60 Km / h
Laden towing device height above road 960 mm
Operation range 600 km
Axle wheelbase 4,800 + 1,320 mm
Total tank capacity 15000 litres
Tank dimensions ( length x width x weight) 5,345×2,312×1,562 m
Average shell thickness 7,5 mm
Number of breakwaters / manholes 2 / 3
Pump power 1,000 l / min
Max. pressure at 1450 rev / min 6 kp / cm2
Piping clearance - suction / delivery piping 80 / 80 mm
Suction height 7 m
Minimum flow rate 100 l / min
Number of delivery pipes 2 pcs
Delivery pipes clearance 38 mm
Delivered volume Min. / max. 2x 150 / 2x 300 l / min
Additional Information
Operation 1 man
Drive Unit
Engine T 2-928-15 E
Specification Ignition, 4-stroke engine with direct injection
Boring x stroke 120 x 140 mm
Engine cooling Air
Engine stroke volume 12,667 cm3
Maximum engine power 156 kw at 2,000 rev / *min-1
Basic fuel consumption 32.5 / 50 l / 100 km
Number of cylinders 8
Fuel Motor diesel