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How to buy military vehicles


  • Choose a particular type of military equipment and send an e-mail with your requirements to one of the posted contacts. We will immediately prepare and send you an offer for the selected vehicles. If you decide to visit us to choose the equipment in person, you will be very welcome at our facilities in Stará Boleslav, although it is not absolutely necessary to pay us a visit.


  • As soon as you make your choice, we will arrange the services to be included (sanding down old paint, painting - primer and then camouflage, getting the radio stations working, etc.) and we will issue a pro forma invoice for 30% of the total price, as soon as we receive your binding order.


  • As soon as the pro forma invoice is paid, we will start to carry out the agreed maintenance – the deadline depends on the difficulty of the work, but usually it is no more than two months - including painting

INSPECTION + contract of purchase

  • When the maintenance is finished, the customer is invited to make a personal inspection of the chosen equipment (naturally it is also possible to make an inspection during the work). In some cases it is sufficient to send the client a video of the equipment in operation (painted). If the customer agrees with the technical condition of the equipment, then the purchase contract can be signed. This can be downloaded HERE [PDF].


  • Your equipment can be shipped as soon as the full price stated in the purchase contract is paid off. We can organise the transport in cooperation with our transport partners (e.g. our subsidiary company STV TRANS and other national or European transporters).

STV GROUP can offer you a complete transport solution, but it does not claim any profit for mediation.
If you are shipping to the EU we offer complete delivery straight to the buyer’s door.
For overseas shipments, we can help organise transportation to a port in the buyer’s country. We can organise transport from our company to an EU port, including embarkation and maritime transportation. The buyer only has to organise disembarkation and transportation to the final destination.

If the client wishes our company to organise the transport, it is necessary to pay the pro forma invoice for the full price of transport before the goods are loaded.

Commercial Documents Related to Military Equipment Purchases

Whether you are a private collector or a corporate body, if you want to purchase armoured military equipment (or other specific military equipment – i.e. devices with radio stations, radars, anti-aircraft systems, … ), it is necessary to present the following:

  • IIC (International Import Certificate), issued by the corresponding competent authority in your country. The names of the authorities vary (several examples of states/authorities that can issue an IIC ) – the IIC documents issued in different states may vary too. The deadline for issuing the documents varies in each state. Our experience shows it is around 30 days in the EU and up to 60 days in non-EU countries. Here you can find several IIC examples: USA, UK, Australia


  • EUC (End User Certificate ), this document is a statutory declaration, written by the client himself, in which the client guarantees that the equipment purchased will not be used for its original purposes (fighting, exploration, … ), will not be resold or re-exported and will be used only for collection purposes (museums). At the same time the client declares that they will be the sole end user. This document sometimes can be used instead of the IIC in those states where there is no possibility of issuing an IIC. This can be downloaded HERE [DOC].


  • It is essential to send an order for a particular military equipment unit, because it serves as a document for issuing the Export Licence. The order must include the: buyer, seller, subject of purchase, purchase price, date. This can be downloaded HERE [PDF].

On the basis of the IIC, EUC and the order, STV GROUP a.s. will receive an import licence for your equipment. Usually it takes 40 days. As soon as this document is issued, the bureaucratic part of the procedure is closed.

Recap of the complete commercial procedure

These are the steps that must be taken for the transaction to take place:

  • Choose the equipment that you like and we will clarify all the details with you immediately.
  • Order (export prices without VAT are only valid for EU companies with a valid VAT number.)
  • Pro forma invoice for 30% of the total amount (this is also part of the reservation process) = advance payment (as soon as the advance payment is made, our workshop will start the agreed work on the equipment - this payment is non-returnable – if, for any reason whatsoever, you decide to withdraw from the purchase)
  • The contract will be issued in at least 2 originals in English
  • International Import Certificate or EUC – You should be able to successfully arrange their issue in your country – usually it takes 30 days in the EU and 60 days outside the EU.
  • Export licence (issued on the basis of your IIC or EUC and your order)
  • Inspection; we will inform you as soon as the maintenance work is finished and you will be asked to make an inspection.
  • Balance payment (the rest of the amount to be paid)
  • Transportation


We are happy to accept the following methods of payment:

  • Bank Transfer – CZ Crowns, Euros, US Dollars
  • Cash - We can accept cash in CZ Crowns, Euros and USD. The maximum for cash payment is 15,000 EUR

Goods remain the property of STV GROUP a.s. until all payments including any refurbishment and delivery charges have been paid in full.


  • If the client provides a VAT number, we do not charge the VAT
  • In all other cases we charge 21% VAT, the rate which is currently valid in the Czech Republic


Tanks, artillery, infantry vehicles with a gun, anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns – we are able to disarm all this equipment to enable it to be sold to collectors – military equipment fans.
The disarmament procedures are specific for each country and although they may seem similar, without the corresponding approval of the state authority they cannot be interchanged. Some states, such as the United Kingdom, accept the Czech disarmament procedure, others, such as Germany, have wider requirements and they also require body modifications to the equipment. The price for disarmament depends on its difficulty. We will calculate it for you in accordance with the regulations of each state. Generally, the costs for a Czech disarmament procedure are about 1,000 EUR without VAT.
The authority of the corresponding state, responsible for issuing the IIC document, should be able and willing to help you with the disarmament procedure (to provide you with a manual or at least contacts for the competent body for the disarmament procedure).

Possible disarmament steps pursuant to Czech regulations:

  • Remove the firing pin, the firing pin spring and subsequent welding,
  • Cutting three apertures in the gun (minimum length150 mm and width 2 mm)
  • Welding a steel cylinder to the cartridge chamber
  • Welding the breech in the locked position
  • Welding the gun to make it impossible to remove
  • Blocking the charging mechanism
  • Sign disarmament control form
  • Issue disarmament confirmation