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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training for drivers?

Yes. If you buy a functional equipment (which is not to be used for spare parts), we will provide you regular training ( maintenance, fluids, lubrication points, control and driving … ). The training can also be realized at the customer´s, all depends on mutual agreement…

Is military equipment allowed on the roads?

Wheeled vehicles are allowed, tracked vehicles are not. Of course it may be specific for each country. If the wheeled vehicles fulfil all the legislative conditions (valid MOT test, old timer license plate, third party insurance, … ), they can be used on the roads. The tracked vehicles can be used in determined areas only – private estates, public events, etc.

Will I receive a military vehicle including vehicle registration certificate?

No, because it is military equipment and therefore the Army does not supply the certificate even to us – the buyer. So the best way is to apply for an old timer license plate (still, there are some pros).

Is some documentation supplied with the equipment?

Usualy not. If yes, the buyer receives it as a part of the equipment (operation book, note book, ...).

How much time the disarmament takes?

Approximately two months – it depends not only on the time needed for making the disarmament repairs, but it is also a bureaucratic process ( submitting an application, ballistic statement, receipt of a decision, revision made by the Police of the Czech Republic).

Why all the respective equipment has not been already disarmed?

Because each state, to which the equipment is sold, has its own conditions for disarmament. The disarmament made in accordance with the Czech legislation may not correspond to the disarmament procedure according to the US or other legislation. Therefore all the weapons mounted on military equipment are allways disarmed in accordance with the respective legislation of the state of which the final customer is citizen.

Do I need a gun licence?

No. Gun licence is not required for military equipment purchase, because the weapons systems of the equipment can be disarmed.

Can you arrange – mediate a purchase of particular military equipment from abroad for me?

Unfortunately, usualy we do not mediate purchases of particular military equipment from abraod, but nothing is lost for asking...

Is it possible to take a ride in a tank or other equipment if I do not buy it? Is it possible to rent it?

Unfortunately, we do not offer experience-based nor rental services.

Is it possible to make a videoinspection of the equipment after it has been put into operation?

Ofcourse it is. If we agree on it, we will make a video of your equipment, where it will be clearly demonstrated that the equipment is functional and that its mechanical properties correspond to our agreement. Ofcourse you will be very welcome if you decide to make the inspection in person.

Is it possible to change the painting to other camouflage?

Yes, but only upon previous agreement, when we will clear up price calculation and supposed deadline. The customer has to provide an example of the desired camouflage.

How can I get to your facilities from the airport?

We reside 14 Km from Prague in the direction of Liberec (EXIT 14) Stará Boleslav – R10 highway.

Can you help me to organize transport from the airport and accomodation?

We can provide you with contacts to proven companies that provide these services. Or alternatively, we can make reservations ourselves.

Why not all the equipment is functional?

We try to do our best to have one functional unit of each equipment type, but it may happen that the equipment you have chosen will not be available immediately (for dynamic demonstration ...). Considering our huge stock reserves ( more than 200 units in stock), a particular equipment can be put into operation after a deposit payment is made – if the buyer does not choose one of the units that are already functional.