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Service of military vehicles

The centre in Stará Boleslav offers technical background for servicing almost all kinds of military equipment, including tanks. We have professional staff with a long experience in the AFCR. Currently our team consists of four qualified technicians ( a tracked vehicles specialist, an engine specialist, an electrician and a wheeled vehicles specialist ).

The basic maintenance is preformed on all the equipment which is offered for sale and has been put in operation. The maintenance includes change of fluids ( engine, gearbox, hydraulic oil or cooling liquid, if needed ... ), tanks cleaning, control and manitenance of breaks assembly, change of hoses and seals, cleaning of air circuit, control and maintenance of electrical installation, etc.

Other maintenance works such as putting radio stations inside the vehicle body in operation, interior cleaning etc. are performed upon customer´s request.

Military equipment exterior painting is performed in accordance with customer´s requests. We use quality and original military paints. The prices depend on the works difficulty in particular vehicle types, but in general they can range from EUR 1,400 up to EUR 3,650. Polishing, sanding, basic paint and camouflage are included.