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PD-48-150 (pumping unit for propellant fuel with high power)

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originally owned by the AFCR, is in stock. Technical condition of a new device.
A PD-48-150 strong fuel pumping aggregate. A strong pump, designed mainly for pumping all the fuels available in field fuel stores, but also via long-distance pipelines. For long-distance fuel transportation the PMT-1000 (or PDP 150) pipelines were used.
It is controlled from the panel placed on the engine.
The aggregate consists of:
- A Zetor 8001.08 diesel engine
- A 125 –NQZ pump – centrifugal, horizontal, single-stage
- An evacuation device
- A PAJ-1A single axle trailer
- Bonnet and equipment


Parameter name Value
General Information
Max. permitted speed on 2nd class roads 60 Km / h
Length 3,350 mm
Width 1,900 mm
Height 1,900 mm
Weight 1,800 kg ( including fuel )
Flow 41.7 l /
Revolutions 2925 rev / min
Efficiency 70%
Time needed for
Set up including connection to piping 30 min
Break including disconnection from piping 30 min
Transport Capacity:
35 m³ / h at the drawing height of 310 MLC
70 m³ / h at the drawing height of 155 MLC
Drive Unit
Engine Zetor 8001.08
Specification Inline 4-V, diesel, four-stroke engine with indirect injection
Volume 4,562 dm³
Power 109 H.P. at 1,800 rev / min
Fuel consumption 10 l / Mth
Fuel tank capacity 80 l NM