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Tatra T813 PM-55 spare bridge transporter

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11 000 EUR

originally owned by the AFCR, Excellent technical condition. General repair made in 2003. The body is lightly deformed, to be able to be used for its original purpose, one of the braces must be replaced.


The T813 PM-55 vehicle is mounted on a T813 8x8 ”KOLOS” chassis. A trailer to transport the spare bridge for the MT-55 bridge tank and for bridging barriers. The vehicle is equipped with a BZT-813 blade.
The PM-55 bridge transport trailer is a bridge assembly designed for rapidly bridging various anti-tank barriers during the army´s fighting activities. The bridge trailer consists of a Tatra T-813 8 x 8 heavy off-road vehicle, equipped with a loading device for bridge manipulation, a BZ-T 813 bulldozer device for terrain modifications and other necessary equipment. The loading device enables the bridge to be lifted from the barrier, folded and loaded on the PM-55 and prepared for transportation, unloaded from the PM-55 on the ground and also to be laid over the barrier. The bridge can be lifted from both banks. The bridge, with 50 t carrying capacity, is laid on the terrain by the crew directly from the cabin.


Parameter name Value
General Information
Max. speed 80 Km / h ( 15 Km / h off-road )
Dimensions including / without bridge ( m )
Length 11,5 / 115
Width 3,3 / 2,5
Height 3,3 / 3
Weigth including / without bridge ( kg ) 27,000 / 20,500
Body 11,5 t
Bridge 6,5 t
Crew A T 813 driver + a PM-55 machinist
A T-813 8 X 8 Vehicle:
Fuel tanks volume 520 l
Fuel consumption at driving 60 – 70 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption at feeding the pumps¨ 20 l / Mth