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PV3s ZV RTV source vehicle

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55 000 Kč

1 vehicle, originally owned by the AFCR, is in stock. Good technical condition.
Praga V3S ZV RTV The box version of a standard truck chassis was used for the construction of this rare type. ZV - A source vehicle, whose main function was the maintenance, control and repair of almost all the power sources, batteries and similar devices.


Parameter name Value
General Information
Max. speed 60 Km / h
Length 6,91 m
Width 2,32 m
Height up to the driver´s cabine roof when unladen 2,55 m
Height up to the body roof (tarpaulin) when unladen 2,97 m
Axles wheelbase 3,58 m (between the 1st and the 2nd axle) + 1,12 m (between the 2nd and the 3rd axle)
Front axles wheelbase 1,87 m
Rear axles wheelbase 1,755 m
Clearance 0,4 m
Weight 9,52 t
Total weight when laden Road 11 t, terrain 9 t
Wading depth 0,8 m
Operation range 600 Km
Vertical obstacle 0,45 m
Trench crossing 0,7 m
Turning radius 10,5 m
Trailer suspension point height 1 m
Drive Unit
Engine T 912
Specification Ignition, 4-stroke engine with direct injection and air cooling
Number of cylinders 6 inline
Fuel Motor diesel
Engine volume 7,412 cm3
Maximum performance 70 kW at 2100 rev / min
Maximum torque 353 N.m at 1,400 rev / min
Consumption summer / winter 32 / 37 l / 100 Km