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PV3S ŠA staff vehicle

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One vehicle, orginally owned by the AFCR, is in stock. Almost all the equipment is original. A tent shelter is included.
The PV3S ŠA (staff vehicle) is designed for division and high command staff, for which the inside equipment of the vehicle has been adapted. In the front part of the body there is a radio operator’s cabin, equipped with a radio station. The rest of the space serves for the commander’s work. If needed, the working space can be adapted for a workroom, for personnel transport or for a bedroom, or alternatively, all these options can even be combined (Commander’s workroom and partially his rest zone. It has a preparation workshop for connection via remote and local telephone networks. The vehicle also enables the crew to carry out the basic personal hygiene. It is possible to place a lean-to on the side of the body).

Personnel Transport
Along both sides of the vehicle, there are 2 m long benches with 49 cm wide seats for 4 persons. In total it is possible to transport 12 persons (14 persons in emergency cases).

a-1 one-piece table (2080x680 mm) along its length is a seat for 4 persons,
b-2 one-piece tables along both sides, an aisle in the centre,
c-1 two-piece table (2080x980 mm) on one side and a seat on the other one,
d-Emergency 2-piece table on one side and a one-piece table on the other one, an aisle in the centre.

The bedroom can be adapted for 6 beds, from which 4 beds can be placed on the floor and 2 beds are suspended. To prepare the beds, it is necessary to recline the backrests. To prepare the suspended beds, it is necessary to suspend the seats from the ceiling by means of chains.

Tent Shelter
It is stored in a cloth bag in the vehicle. The tent can be erected on either side of the vehicle.

Vehicle/body dimensions in mm:
Length: 7,150/4,660
Width: 2,320/2,320
Height: 3,060/2,120

The original version of the Praga V3S ŠA staff vehicle (made in the 1950s) no longer met the new needs and standards of the 1980s. There was a lack of the following equipment: sealed-off workplace, filter ventilation, radiological, biological and chemical protection. That is why in the 1980s the Czechoslovak People’s Army developed and innovated the SPŠP version, in which the above shortcomings are resolved.


Parameter name Value
General Information Basic flatbad version
Max. speed 60 Km / h
Length 6,91 m
Width 2,32 m
Height up to the driver´s cabine roof when unladen 2,55 m
Height up to the body roof (tarpaulin) when unladen 2,97 m
Axles wheelbase 3,58 m (between the 1st and the 2nd axle) + 1,12 m (between the 2nd and the 3rd axle)
Front axles wheelbase 1,87 m
Rear axles wheelbase 1,755 m
Clearance 0,4 m
Weight 5,55 t
Maximum total weight when laden Road 11 t, terrain 9 t
Wading depth 0,8 m
Operation range 600 Km
Vertical obstacle 0,45 m
Trench crossing 0,7 m
Turning radius 10,5 m
Loading area length 4,01 m
Loading area width 2,1 m
Sideboards height 500 m
Sideboards extensions height 371 mm
Loading area clearance 1,71 m
Loading area height above ground when unladen 1,25 m
Trailer suspension point height 1 m
Additional Information
Crew 2 members in the driver´s cabine + 22 members
Drive Unit
Engine T 912
Specification Ignition, 4-stroke engine with direct injection and air cooling
Number of cylinders 6 inline
Fuel Motor diesel
Engine volume 7,412 cm3
Maximum performance 70 kW at 2,100 rev / min
Maximum torque 353 N.m at 1,400 rev / min
Consumption summer / winter 32 / 37 l / 100 Km