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PV3S UPG-250 GM mobile hydraulic source

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originally owned by the AFCR, is in stock. M1 engine. Excellent technical condition. All the equipment is original.


Praga V3S UPG 250 GM - another example of the PV3S chassis in use. In this case it is a mobile hydraulic source designed for checking or refilling aircraft and helicopter hydraulic systems. Originally mounted on the GAZu-51 vehicles chassis, or less frequently, on the ZiL-130. In the 1980s it was decided that the Russian vehicles were worn out and the aggregate started to be mounted on a PV3S chassis. 
The body includes a diesel engine from the ZIL 157, which drives 3 hydraulic pumps with a flow of 43 l/min. In addition, there is also a 100 l tank for hydraulic liquid. The body can be easily dismounted and the well-maintained chassis can be used as needed. This vehicle is already equipped with an M1 engine with oil filtration, hydraulic gear etc. The vehicle was only used for aircraft equipment maintenance, so it has a minimal Km value.


Parameter name Value
General Information
Max. speed 75 Km / h
Length 6,91 m
Width 2,32 m
Height up to the driver´s cabin roof when unladen 2,55 m
Height up to the body roof (tarpaulin) when unladen 2,97 m
Axles wheelbase 3,58 m (between the 1st and the 2nd axle) + 1,12 m (between the 2nd and the 3rd axle)
Front axles wheelbase 1,87 m
Rear axles wheelbase 1,755 m
Clearance 0,4 m
Weight 5,745 t
Maximum total weight when laden Road 11.24 t, terrain 9.24 t
Wading depth 0,8 m
Operation range 600 Km
Vertical obstacle 0,45 m
Trench crossing 0,7 m
Turning radius 10,5m
Additional Information
device mobile hydraulic source
Drive Unit
Engine T 912-4
Specification Ignition, 4-stroke engine with direct injection and air cooling
Number of cylinders 6 inline
Fuel Motor diesel
Engine volume 8,100 cm3
Maximum performance 88 kW at 2100 rev / min
Maximum torque 452 N.m at 1400 rev / min
Consumption summer / winter 32 / 37 l / 100 Km