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All-terrain medium truck Ural 375 APA 4G ground charging aircrafts generator

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3 500 EUR

Three vehicles, originally owned by the Polish Army, are in stock. Very good technical condition.
Ural-375D An off-road truck designed for transporting personnel and materials. It is classified as a medium 3-axle 6x6 vehicle. The stated chassis can be fitted with airport specials - starter vehicles.
The Ural 375D chassis load-bearing capacity is 5 tons and they are designed for operation in arctic temperatures. While the APA-4G vehicles served as mobile sources for ground charging up to 4 aircraft.



- DC voltage generator PR-600Ch2 (ПР-600Х2)
- Generators G108G (Г108Г) and G107B (Г107Б) with adjustable output frequency voltage
- A pair of car batteries 12-ASA-145 (12-АСА-145)
- Cable system administration and system cables to the aircraft (2x)
- Control-measuring and control system


Parameter name Value
General Information - Basic Version
Maximum speed 65 Km
Length 7,55 m
Width 2,48 m
Height 2,74 m
Weight 10,66 t
Loading capacity Road 4,5 t, terrain 2,5 t
Clearance 0,31 m (2,500 t when laden)
Wheelbase 4,23 m / 1.12 m ( between the 2nd and the 3rd axle)
Front ( rear) track 1,76 m (1,75 m)
Wading depth 0,85 m
Drive Unit
Specification Ignition, inline, water-cooled
Number of cylinders 6
Fuel Petrol
Cylinders volume 5550 cm3
Maximum performance 109 horses
Maximum torque 334 Nm ( 34 kpm ) at 1100 up to 1400 rev/min
Consumption 42 l per 100 Km with a 2.5 t load
Fuel tanks volume 300 + 65 l
Nominal power 34 kW (direct current) / 4.6 kVA (single phase alternating current 400-900 Hz)
Nominal voltage 28.5 V (DC) / 115 V (AC)
Nominal current 1200 A (DC) / 40 A (AC)
Additional Information
Crew 3 members in the driver´s cabine