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UAZ-469 vehicle for spare parts

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950 EUR

UAZ 469 off-road vehicle – this offer only includes this particular vehicle. Producer: Uljanovskij Avtomobilnyj Závod, Uljanovsk, Russian Federation. Production began in 1972.
The vehicle was hit by a tracked vehicle and since than it is out of service. Originally it was in very good condition.
Currently the vehicle is incomplete and cannot be put into operation.
Technical condition:
The engine is almost complete - undamaged, the rear axle is undamaged, both the front and the rear left doors and the left side in general are undamaged and can be used, the tyres are in good condition.


Parameter name Value
ereral Information - Basic Version
The highest speed when fully laden 100 Km / h
Kerb weight 1,650 kg
Payload capacity 2 persons + 600 kg / ( 7 persons + 100 kg )
Length 4.03 m
Width 1.79 m
Height ( unladen) 2.01 m
Rate of climb 62 %
Wading depth 0.7 m
Ramp angle - front 54°
Ramp angle - back 40°
Outer turning radius 13 m
Inner turning radius 5 m
Track 1,442 mm
Wheelbase 2,380 mm
Loading area 1,525 x 1,125 x 1,250 mm
Drive Unit
Engine UMZ 451 M
Specification Ignition, 4-stroke line 4-cylinder engine with OHV distribution and liquid cooling
Fuel Petrol
Number of cylinders 4 With OHV distribution
Engine volume 2,445 cm3
Max. performance at 4,000 rev/min 52.96–65.4 kW
Max. moment of force at 2,000 rev/min 166.7–171.6 Nm