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MT-LB APC for spare parts

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MT-LB A Soviet multiple-purpose armoured carrier, in the Czech Republic known also as the "matla".
многоцелевой тягач легкий бронированный – a multiple-purpose lightly armoured trailer.
This vehicle is suitable to be used for spare parts. Quite complete and in very good condition. The engine is non-functional - if it is replaced, the vehicle could be put into operation. Even the paintwork is still well-preserved.
The tracks and the sprockets are moderately worn out, the ground wheels are in excellent condition, the other equipment is in good condition.


Parameter name Value
General Information
Maximum speed 62 Km / h road / 30 Km / h terrain/ 5 - 6 Km / h navigation
Length 6.50 m
Width 2.86 m
Height 1.87 m
Total weight 11.9 t
Max. operation range 500 Km
Weapon type PKT machine gun
Gun calibre 7.62 mm
Additional information
Crew 2 members
Landing crew 11 members
Drive Unit
Motor JaM3 238
Other parameters Ignition 4-stroke liquid-cooled 90° V-8 engine
Fuel Motor diesel
Number of cylinders 90° 8-V
Engine volume 14.86 l
Maximum drive unit power 195 kW ( 265 k ) at 2,100 rev/min
Maximum torque 883 Nm at 1,450 – 1,600 rev/min
Consumption 90 l - 120 l /100 Km